Since it began operations in August 1979, Ogosin Sdn. Bhd. has gained recognition as an established distributor of industrial and commercial cleaning supplies and is currently the market leader in Malaysia.

True to its commitment towards service excellence, Ogosin Sdn. Bhd. continues to source for new high quality imported industrial, commercial and maintenance equipment, accessories and chemicals to provide customers with the very latest in cleaning technology.

Ogosin Sdn. Bhd. also produces cleaning chemicals through its subsidiary company, Ogosin Chemical Industries Sdn. Bhd. By using only biodegradable material at its factory in Seremban, Ogosin Chemical Industries ensure the safety of the enviroment and is also able to formulate specific cleaning chemicals to cater to the individual needs of each customer.

All products distributed by Ogosin Sdn. Bhd. are supported by maximum product information and complete after sales service to ensure optimal and safe use of the machines and chemicals

It hopes to achieve this by constantly introducing locally, the latest cleaning equipment and accessories that are carefully selected from established and trustworthy European manufacturers. The cost to customers is also reduced as the company manufactures the corresponding cleaning chemicals locally in its factory in Seremban.

Ogosin Sdn. Bhd. is also ever vigilant of the technology advancement in the building industry as it realises that each building surface requires a different cleaning and maintenance method. Hence the need to provide building owners and management companies information and advice on the proper cleaning procedure. This preventive maintenance approach adopted by Ogosin Sdn. Bhd. will not only help customers maintain the longevity, beauty and cleanliness of their buildings but will also effectively reduce the cost of renovation and repair.

For full customer satisfaction, Ogosin Sdn. Bhd. provides a comprehensive step by step program. The Ogosin Support Team will initially analyse the customer's needs, advise on the type of machines and chemicals needed and upon delivery of products, provide in depth training to the end users. Further training, consultation and replacements of parts are made available to customers at all times.

Ogosin Sdn. Bhd.
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