Cleaning & Maintenance Chemicals
.: Hard Surface Cleaners:.
EQ Dirt Buster
EQ Grease Buster
EQ Rid & Clean
High Power Neutral Detergent
Alkaline All Purpose Super Cleaner
Water Based Degreaser and Cleaner
Powerful Acidic Cleaner and Descaler
EQ Bowl Cleaner
EQ Cement Softener
EQ Dishwash
EQ Scenic V
Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Deodoriser
Acid Based Cement Softener
Concerntrated Manual Dishwash
Liquid Glass Cleaner
.: Sanitizing products:.
EQ Jelly Pine
EQ Pine Extra
EQ AF Quet E
Concentrated Pine-Scented Gel Soap
Pine-Scented Disinfectant-Detergent
Liquid Germicidial Air Freshener
EQ AF Drakya
EQ AF Gen Fresh
Liquid Germicidal Air Freshener
Liquid Germical Air Freshener
Perfumed Deodorant Block
.: Carpet care :.
EQ Anti Foam
EQ Hi Foam
EQ Extract
Non-Oily Defoaming Additive
Perfumed Dry Foam
Carpet Shampoo
Low Foam Carpet
Extraction Cleaner
: Laundry Care:.
EQ Dyna Brite
EQ Cocorex
EQ Dyna Soft
Laundry Liquid
Bleaching Agent
Fabric Softener
: Hand Care:.
EQ Liberty
EQ HS Floral Blossom
EQ HS Apple Flower
Waterless Degreasing
Hand Gel
Concentrated Pearlised
Hand Soap
Concentrated Pearlised
Hand Soap
: Hair & Body Care:.
EQ HBS Drakya
EQ HBS Peach Blossom
Liquid Hair & Body Shampoo
With Conditioner
Liquid Hair & Body Shampoo
With Conditioner
.:Car Care:.
EQ Mec Solve 33
EQ Carwash
Highly Penetrating Emulsifying Solvent Degreaser
Non-Alkaline Car Shampoo
.:Floor Strippers:.
EQ Mira Strip
EQ Mirastrip A
EQ Easy Strip
High Power
Polish Stripper
Heavy Duty Ammoniated
Polish Strippers
Polish Strippers
.:Floor Polisher:.
EQ Supreme 280
EQ Mira Gloss
Exceptional High Gloss
Thermalplastic Floor Polish
Hi Speed Buffable
Floor Polish
.:Floor Sealers:.
EQ Mirasil
EQ TCS 100
Water Based Metalized
Arcylic Floor Sealer
Tile and Concrete Sealer
.:Buffing Solution:.
EQ Miralink 2 in 1
EQ Mira Buff
Clean and Buff Solution
and Restorer
Spray Buff Compound
.:Specialty Chemicals:
EQ Mira Shine
EQ Alu-Brite
EQ Hygo
Stainless Steel Cleaner Polish
Mild Acid Aluminium Cleaner
Dust Control Compound